What inspires Debra Hayes?

Debra Hayes is not just a florist, this renowned Perth creative and member of Angove Street Collective likes to invite people into her world. Whether it’s through her visual merchandising, garden styling, or crafting beautiful floral arrangements, Debra’s passion for her work shines through her original creations.

Debra holds workshops at Angove Street Collective, and her home studio, where she teaches people how to be inspired by flowers and experiment with different blooms.

“I like to invite people into my space, my world. When I hold flower workshops I bake for everyone, and my whole family get involved. Even today my son was giving me suggestions about what I should include on the menu for this weekends workshops,” says Debra.

When Debra isn’t at her studio she can often be found chatting away to customers at her Angove Street Collective store Debra Hayes Floral – a collaborative space in North Perth for retailers - where she runs an ever-changing shop that is bursting with garden and floral related homewares, as well as her potted plants and ‘ready to go’ arrangements that constantly change and evolve through the seasons.

She’s not one to point out her favourite flower for the season, as she enjoys experimenting with all different colours, textures and structures.

“I just love being surrounded by beauty. It’s about creating quality arrangements…it’s deeper than just throwing some flowers together in a bunch.”

In her home you'll find more indoor plants and greenery than flowers.

"Simple is best for the home, going for all one bloom or simply greenery is much easier to work with and it all ages at the same rate. Experiment with different looks, blooms you haven't tried before or using indoor plants. If you have always been a white oriental lilies in a vase kind-of-girl, it could be time for something new."


For information on Debra Hayes Floral's The Bloom Series workshops visit www.debrahayesfloral.com.